The Second Skin is my first novel, written in 2001, during a period of unemployment and major despondency while still living in South Africa.

The book is a rollercoaster ride space opera, set in a highly technological future, populated with a variety of characters, both human and alien, and follows the life and adventures of the heroine, Miriam.

The first chapter of this book is available for download in the "Downloads" section, to give readers a taste of the style of the book.

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From the back cover:

The most precious and dangerous gift of all being different.

Meet Miriam intergalactic space trader, warrior woman and freak. Her humble beginnings as a lonely orphan girl on the desolate mining planet of Prowa 10 certainly didn't mark her out for great things, but that was before the crash, before a mysterious alien marked Miriam with his parasitic skin.

The second skin is Miriam's most valuable possession and most annoying nuisance.

The skin protects her, keeps her warm, healthy, free of diseases and heals her wounds useful when you're dealing with the criminals, lowlifes and roughnecks in space's toughest trading ports. Plus there's no bad hair days either as the skin covers Miriam completely, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

But the skin is a pain in her tough behind too. She's never been drunk the skin turns alcohol into water; and she's never been on a date men don't make passes at girls with green, living, moving parasites covering their bodies.

The Second Skin is the epic science fiction tale of Miriam's journey from unloved orphan to commander of the mighty Vask military in the war against the Sayan. A story of the search for her legacy and the uncovering of the most shocking truth about the galaxy.

This is a story filled with mystery, suspense, humour and love and in The Second Skin Helgard de Barros creates an exciting and believable universe as well as one of the most endearing heroines of modern science fiction.
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ISBN 1440404178
EAN-13 9781440404177

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