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$13.99 for US delivery (including 2 day shipping)
17.27 for Ireland delivery (including 8 - 16 day shipping)

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Not available yet.

Purchase The Second Skin (Paperback) from Subterania
This is for South Africans, as it works out far cheaper than Amazon.

R169.95 (+R55 shipping) = R224.95




Purchase The Second Skin (Paperback) direct from this site

All copies autographed and personalized.
€17.50 - Ireland/Europe delivery (including 2 -3 day shipping)
£14.00 - United Kingdom delivery (including 2 day shipping)
+/-R220 .00 - South Africa delivery (including 8 day shipping)
(calculated in Euro, and converted at current exchange rates)
AUD36.25 - Australian delivery (including 8 day shipping)
NZD39.00 - New Zealand delivery (including 8 day shipping)
USD23.50 - Rest of the world (including 8 day shipping)



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