Although I have written hundreds of short stories, plays and scripts, none have ever been published, partly due to my own laziness.

Unfortunately all the stories I wrote prior to 2001 are lost forever somewhere in Africa, on a hard drive that failed or in a dumpster.


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Something's wrong (2008)

A small snapshot of a particular time and place. I tried a new style, and it seems to have worked quite well.

Two and half pages.


The last of the men (2004)

The last DJ (2004)

Two stories from a series I did on the last people on earth, inspired by the book, and not the Will Smith movie.

Two pages, two stories. The entire series of stories where supposed to run together, and totalled about ten pages, and I may return and add the rest later.

The greatest love story never told (2005)

The ugly boy (2005)

A writing challenge. I was asked to write a love story, and this is a 'what if' scenario. What if Doctor Frankenstein had built a mate for his creature? The ugly boy was a sequel.

Two pages, two stories. The original stories where much longer, but I stripped them down to get more impact.

R8-blue: Machine (2002)

Written for an online writing contest, the only thing I have ever entered so far, in which I got an 'honourable mention'. The winning stories all involved dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons and other elements of Lord of the Rings. Serves me right for entering a science fiction story in a competition just after the film was released.

Three pages.

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