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10 September 2014

My novel, The Second Skin, is now available in Kindle format for those who have an aversion to paper:

Kindle version

Kindle Version

25 November 2008

One of my short stories, Escher, has been shortlisted for the Aeon Award, run by the Albedo One magazine, which is a world speculative fiction award. There are 33 stories on the short list out of 600 entries, and, should I place in the top three finalists, the story may be reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror or Year's Best Science Fiction books.

(Just in case you are looking for the story, it is not on this website, sorry.)

23 October 2008

The Second Skin is now available from Subterania Music in South Africa. It works out far cheaper than Amazon for South Africans so I would recommend buying the book from them if you are in South Africa. Visit the store page for links.

1 October 2008

The novel, The Second Skin, is now available from the store page is a direct link to the book, and if anyone does buy the book, please leave a review or a rating, it will be much appreciated.

I am not sure when the book will be out on, or any of the other sites, but I will update this website when I get that information.

22 September 2008

I have added a new short story, 'Something's wrong' to the download section. Personally, I think it is some of the best writing I have ever done, so if you like it, let me know. I suppose, if you don't like it, you should let me know as well.

11 September 2008

The final cover for the book is now done, and everything is off to the printers. A big hand for Jeremy R. Reston for the cover design, it is a superb design. The entries were all great, thanks for all the submissions, and as I said before, this may not have been the best artwork, but the one chosen by the publishers as the one most likely to sell the book. You can see a bigger version of the cover design here.

1 September 2008

The competition for the book cover is now closed. A winner has been decided, and the image will be placed on the website as soon as I get it back from the graphic designer. Thanks to all the people who entered the competition, and I am in the process of adding the entries to the fan art section of the website.

8 August 2008

I have just signed a publishing deal for my first novel, The Second Skin.You can read the information under bibliography, download the first chapter under downloads, and when it is released, buy the book in the store as a download or a paperback.

I am running a competition to design the book cover, and under the downloads section you can download templates and instructions if you would like to enter the competition.

20 July 2008

Added two shorts stories 'Last of the men' and 'The last DJ' to the downloads section.

14 July 2008

Added two short stories 'The greatest love story never told' and 'The ugly boy' to the downloads section.

10 July 2008

Added the short story 'R8-blue: Machine' to the downloads section.

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